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Finding travel insurance - Macmillan Cancer International disparities in survival after cancer have repeatedly been shown between European countries of comparable wealth and development in the EUROCARE studies.1 2 3 4 Survival for many cancers has often been lower in both the United Kingdom and Denmark than in other ic and western European countries. Research is the best way to find travel insurance providers that may cover you. Read our tips to help you.

Follow-up after treatment - Prostate Cancer Secondly, they suggest that UK survival statistics are falsely low because some long term survivors are never registered. Follow-up after prostate cancer treatment What happens next. over the telephone, or they mht bring forward the date of your next follow-up appointment.

CSN Home Cancer Survivors Network Objectives To simulate each of two hypothesised errors in the National Cancer Registry (recording of the date of recurrence of cancer, instead of the date of diagnosis, for registrations initiated from a death certificate; long term survivors who are never notified to the registry), to estimate their possible effect on relative survival, and to establish whether lower survival in the UK mht be due to one or both of these errors. Setting National Cancer Registry of England and Wales. Cancer Survivors Network is a vibrant community established by people just like you whose lives have been touched by cancer. We hope you'll find strength and.

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