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Dating Gillette Razors - fingermake While vintage razors are generally hh quality, as with most things, there are good and bad brands and models. The best vintage razors were produced by Gillette from the 1940s to the 1970s. Dating Gillette Razors. the earliest recognizable razors date to. The Schick Quattro has four blades. The Gillette Fusion Power Razor has six.

Gillette Razor - YouTube They are fairly inexpensive, relatively easy to use, and offer a very nice shaving experience. In fact, they're often better than modern razors if the person you're buying for suffers from ingrown hairs or irritation when using normal razors. Feb 8, 2014. See this link Gillette Razor gillette razors gillette razor coupons gillette razor blades gillette razor date.

The Blade Gillette's Shaving & Lifestyle Blog Models before the 1940s are quality make, but are mostly screw-on heads, which don't work 2. Other brands such as GEM and Schick were produced, but Gillette held several important patents, and produced the butterfly-opening razors which are the most desirable. The best models are the butterfly-opening type, and the nicest to start with are the adjustable models. Get great shaving & lifestyle tips and find out what's trending from Gillette's blog, The Blade.

US Gillette Dating Information Badger & Blade Detail of the Adjustable — has a turnable wheel jobby under the head with different settings for different shaving qualities. This page documents what we know about Gillette safety razor serial numbers and date codes. Razors made in USA often left the factory with serial numbers or date.

Vintage gillette Etsy Then look up that code on this page, and you can find the production year. Antique Gillette Razors Shaving Tin Bathroom Bath Art Sn Decor Lht Switchplate. Vintage 1975 Gillette Travel Razor - Made In England - Date Code V1.

AsylumGuido's Guide to Super Speed Identification TheShaveDen They are badass, it's true, but in the end, a vintage safety razor is probably your best bet as a gift for all but the most dedicated shaving nerds. These razors did not have the date code on the underside of the base. In the third quarter of 1954 date codes Z-3 and Z-4 Gillette gave the.

Research Resources - Why I Wet Shave. To fure out the year of production, look under (or inside) the head of the razor for a letter and a number. Badger and Blade Forum Gillette Dating Chart Great breakdown of dating of Gillette. Razor Emporiums Gillette Database Razor Archive Huge database for all.

Fatboy - Vintage Gillette Adjustable Safety Razors Desirable models from Gillette include the Adjustable, the Super Speed (no date code or British models only) and the Aristocrat or Presidente (see pics). The Gillette 195 Adjustable Safety Razor or as it is more commonly known the "Fatboy" was made for a little over three years between 1958 D-3 and 1961 G-4.

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