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More apps for lonely adults who want to find friends, Singapore. "Plus, my wife who worked in the city would also mention how she did not like to dine alone, which made me realise there was potential for an app like Lunch Kaki." This desire to connect like- minded individuals for platonic friendship is why he says he has made the conscious effort to not market the app as one that promotes romance. Sep 18, 2016. "Dating apps are an easy way to quickly meet people, but users come with their own set of expectations and the apps exclude people who are.

Platonic dating apps - JWT Intellence For Ms Jen, the irony of being unable to translate dital connections into real-life interaction spurred her to launch Sup - which she s "Tinder for social life" - with her Harvard University schoolmate in January this year. Sep 1, 2016. “There were lots of dating apps on the market and lots of news about them in various outlets, but nothing really about friend-making apps,”.

No, You Don't Use Tinder 'Just for Friends,' Liar - Broadly For many young adults who have grown up on the immediacy of social connection on platforms such as Twitter and , this real- world friendship gap can be disconcerting. Oct 11, 2016. We tried to find people who legitimately use the hook-up app for adult friendship. "People are saying that they're doing it for friends, but that is extremely. Tinder just for friends" while dating, they're not the sole perpetrators.

Carpe Society - Like a dating app, but for making friends - About Ms Jen Wei Qing, the 35-year-old co-founder of Sup, says: "We're used to everything being on demand so there is no reason why friendships could not be more portable as well. It's like a dating app, but for making friends. And it's hilarious. Answer three funny questions. After each set, you'll earn a personality type. The algorithm will then.

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