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This Means War 1 - Surprise Snog - Jeconais - FanficAuthors "You and those overbearing prats have just lost me a perfectly good boyfriend. Fanfiction · Recent stories · Harry Potter · Harry/Astoria · Harry/Cho · Harry/Daphne. He felt a lot closer to Ginny these days with Ron and Hermione finally dating. As soon as she checked that it was empty, she shut the door tht, and then squealed "I kissed Harry Potter!". Hermione Granger, Prefect, collected herself.

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Harry Potter fandom - pedia Do you have any idea what they threatened to do to me? She realised she wasn't too upset about losing a guy who wasn't willing to fht for her, but that was hardly the point. You wouldn't have been talking to him, would you? "Err, I mht have mentioned that a few of us didn't think it was quite suitable for him to be finding cupboards for you two to snog in," Ron admitted. Harry Potter fandom" refers to the community of fans of the Harry Potter books and movies who. There are numerous websites devoted solely to Harry Potter fan fiction. with supporters of the prospective relationship between Harry Potter and his close female friend Hermione Granger at odds with supporters of Hermione.

JK Rowling admits <strong>Harry</strong> <strong>Potter</strong> should have married <strong>Hermione</strong>.

JK Rowling admits Harry Potter should have married Hermione. I will have a new boyfriend shortly, my darling brother. I will even happily let him find out what is under these robes, and there will be nothing you can do about it. It will be then that we, and I mean my new boyfriend and I, will start to get revenge on you, then the twins, then Percy, then Charlie, and finally Bill. Feb 2, 2014. JK Rowling admits that Hermione should have married Harry Potter instead. Grint as Ron Weasley, and Emma Watson as Hermione Granger.

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Over 80,000 Harry potter stories " "I'm your older brother - that gives me the rht." Ginny's voice lost even more of its volume, as she leaned in closer to her brother. Find a Story Harry/Hermione 3687 found— page 1 of 148. Genres Drama, Romance, AU Era Hogwarts Characters Harry, Hermione, OC, Ron. Lily Granger sets out on a quest to find the father she never knew and to find out what.

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Hermione granger fanfiction on Tumblr "I've been planning this for a long time, far longer than you can imagine." Ron watched as his sister slowly walked away, as she did, she started to laugh. Find and follow posts tagged hermione granger fanfiction on Tumblr. granger fanfiction#dramione#dramione fanfiction#werewolf draco#harry potter fanfiction.

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Were Harry Potter and Hermione in a secret relationship? - Quora "Sorry," he muttered, turned on his heel, and ran away. Only Ron and Hermione were sitting together, pretending to study. " Ginny asked her brother with an expression of innocence on her face. "And who gave you the rht to decide whether or not it was suitable? First of all, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are not real people. my answer to the question that wondered if Snape was Harry Potter's dad, stop reading fan fiction. If he'd been secretly dating Hermione, we would probably have seen it.

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Inappropriate Harry Potter Memes That Are Pure Magic Every one of you will pay." The witch didn't shout, didn't scream, she just looked into Ron's eyes with a fierce self-belief. "I've already put the word around that any one who dares will receive the full wrath of the six of us. Jan 16, 2017. And that's why there's so much Harry Potter fan fiction out there. Harry, Ron, Hermione and all the other Hogwarts students started off looking like babies, when suddenly, they were teenagers. Hermione Granger. Naturally, it must have been pretty weird for him when Harry started dating his sister, too.

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