Perks of dating a girl

What is it like dating a shorter girl? AskMen - Reddit O\/m=__features__\/rt=j\/d=1\/rs=AHp Ooo_k Fxi Sk GFruvghs_M-2Uj ERAt_Iw","pltype":"content","player_error_log_fraction":"1.0","gpt_mration":"1","ucid":"UCpko_-a4wgz2u_Dg Dgd9fq A","aftv":true,"ldpj":"-37","probe_url":"https:\/\/\/videogoodput? I'm 5'7" and I'd have no problem dating a taller woman. Heht doesn't bother me, if I dated a taller woman and she wanted to wear heels I'd.

Perks of Dating Someone From Philadelphia - Movoto Var ytplayer = ytplayer

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